Sunday, March 11, 2012


The next word I looked up on Wikipedia was: 

Minimization is a type of deception involving denial coupled with rationalization in situations where complete denial is implausible. It is the opposite of exaggeration.

Minimization is one of the most common ways we reduce our feelings of guilt..."It's not that big of a deal" Words associated with minimization include:

  • downplaying
  • euphemism 
  • making light of 

  • minification
  • trivializing
  • understating  
 I didn't realize how much I used this word!

I actually used this word a lot while I have had the flu.

"Well I have a fever and just don't feel well. So it is ok if I don't eat anything." "People are suppose to lose weight when they have the flu." "If you eat you will just get sick, so your not really hurting yourself. You are actually saving yourself from many trips to the toilet.""My throat is sore and I can't taste anything anyway, so what is the point?" This is just a few of the thoughts that have ran through my head in the past few days.

In reality there are many things that I could be doing to help get the nutrition I need while I am sick with the flu. I just lack the desire and want. I have been drinking tons of water but that is it.

I don't just do this when I am sick. Although it is while I am sick it shines brightly. I am always downplaying what I do to a level that I think sounds reasonable and doable. The sad thing is that it is not healthy or wise. It is a mindset that I need to get rid of! But will take A LOT of work! This is going to be my first step in reprogramming my mind.

With the examples I gave before I needed to be thinking, "I do have a fever but my stomach isn't upset, eat and give yourself some nutrients to fight back." "You do not use the flu as a way to lose weight." "True you may get sick, but than you may not and actually build yourself some strength to get better."  "Bummer I can't taste this but I need it to get better."

Why can't I think like that? Why does it take me concentration and time to develop those thoughts? This is where I really want to focus and work on :)

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