Thursday, March 8, 2012

Excited about this book!

My brain is so tired from all the school papers, tests, lectures and so forth! I am looking forward to my spring break this next week! Whoo Hoo! I have so much planned I hope I get to fit it all in! One thing I know I want to do is read something I am not made to read! Although I have enjoyed reading these books in class I really want to do some luxury reading where I don't have to worry about being tested! I was given a book last week that just made me so excited! It was from a very sweet friend whom I have gotten close to just in the last 6 months! LOVE HER!! She put inside the book some encouraging verses as I read it! I can't wait to see the little surprises in it! The book is by Candace Cameron Bure! Yep the girl from Full House! LOVED that show!

She offers advice to those who struggle with food issues. She battled so many. She used her Christian faith and God's grace to get her through it all! One thing she said on the back of the book is

"I knew who God was, but I still hadn't grasped who I was in His sight" - Candace Cameron Bure

...She said it perfectly!!!! Why am I caring what sight I am to everyone else? The only one that matters is God. His opinion and sight is the only one that matters! I need this mentality and I am encouraged to see how she beat this ugly sickness. I can't wait to fill you in on what I discover within myself through her and God's light as I read it! If you are interested as well, I encourage you to read it with me :)

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