Saturday, February 25, 2012


I have noticed the past few days as I have opened myself up, the devil has attacked me that much harder. I have always loved music. When I would be alone, I would just sing. Growing up I was asked to sing all the time and complimented on my "beautiful" voice. Hmmm...beautiful voice? So out of this ugly body, this ugly person.. your saying something "beautiful" comes out of it? I couldn't help but sing! I loved it! I still do!  I feel the music and it reaches out to me in a very therapeutic way. Well God who knows our every weakness, knows exactly how to reach me. Because I don't have the courage to write tonight I want to leave you with the song that touched my heart instead. I think every woman deserves to know that our Heavenly Father molded us and made us beautiful in His eyes! We just need to believe it ourselves!

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  1. Listened to this beautiful song. How I needed to hear it, myself!! Praying for you daily friend!